How To Troubleshoot Slow WordPress Admin Panel

If your WordPress blog is running slow, especially the Admin panel, here’s how to troubleshoot and fix it.

Note: Regardless of what you think, it may not be WordPress or your hosting company’s fault, even if it seems like it is.

1) Change your WordPress Theme to the default theme, see if pages load faster. If it does, consider switching to a different theme.

2) Disable your plugins. Some plugins check back to the creator’s site for updates automatically, and if their site is down or if the plugin is buggy, it could slow everything to a halt.

If you can’t get into your WordPress Admin panel because it’s running too slow to even disable the plugins, FTP to your /wp-content/plugins directory and temporarily rename the /plugins folder so WordPress can’t see it, or download the files in /plugins and delete them from your website as a test.

If that fixes the problem, re-upload and/or enable individual plugins to find out which one is killing your load time, and stop using that one.

3) If you’re using a router for your home/business networking, try bypassing the router entirely and connect a computer directly to the modem. For me, that fixed the problem, which means it’s a router issue (surprised me, I’ll tell you).  Solution: Troubleshoot your router, see if it needs a firmware upgrade, try disabling its firewall options. I use a Linksys router, their support is 1-800-326-7114 and for $9.95 if they can fix the problem, they’ll upgrade your firmware and tweak your settings, it did the trick for me.

4) It could be an Internet hop/connectivity problem. In Windows, click Start=> Run, enter “cmd” (click enter)
Then, enter “ tracert”  (for me, tracert”)

You’ll see each “hop” in the Internet that connects that website to you. If one of them “times out”, that could be the problem. I had a hop timing out and THOUGHT that was my problem, but it turns out it wasn’t, it was the router.

Solution: If you’re sure it’s not a router issue, call your Internet access company and tell them you’re having a traceroute problem to a website, and give them the details. In theory, they can reroute the paths to fix the problem.

2nd Solution: Use an anonymous proxy server like and try connecting through it. I was actually able to log onto my WordPress Admin and post successfully doing that before I fixed the problem. Drawbacks: They throw popup ads at you, annoying.

5) Check to see if your MySQL Database needs to be optimized or fixed. Download plugin WP-DBmanager and activate it. You can optimize and fix (as well as back up) the MySQL database running WordPress, which may fix problems that are slowing it down.

I hope that helps… When I was trying to fix the problem, I didn’t run across any info about it possibly being a router problem, so I hope this helps somebody!  :-)

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  1. Chandra
    8 years ago

    I dont know why my blog is so slow when i tried to edit post or new post. It just give me hourglass icon all the time. I know that my blog has 11.000 more record, but is it due of that?

    Have u ever face this issue before?

  2. Quinn Coats
    7 years ago

    Hi Tim,

    I just wanted to thank you for your post titled, “How to Troubleshoot a Slow WordPress Admin Panel” from October 2008. I have been pulling my hair out trying to resolve this issue and not once did I think that the ROUTER could be the culprit. Not one other forum even mentioned that the router could be an issue either. I too was using a Linksys router, and after removing it, My WordPress is BLAZING. Thank you for posting this type of GREAT CONTENT to share with newbies like me. You definitely made my Sunday!


  3. Thanks for letting me know the Router issue info helped, Quinn. Yeah, my theory is that any time I waste a huge amount of time trying to accomplish something, I might as well take the extra time to document it for the next poor guy coming up the same ladder. :-)

  4. Xfuse
    7 years ago

    Hi Tim,
    I still can’t understand what the router has to do with admin panel slow but actual site load times are normal. Because if the router has an issue possibly many sites you are using will be slow(right?)

    The issue I have is that the admin panel is slow, but the actual site loads nice, I still can’t trace the source yet.

  5. victor
    7 years ago

    just to correct tracert:
    Enter the word tracert, followed by a space, then the domain name.

  6. Davy
    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for suggesting the router…you’ve saved me a ton of time and frustration! I had the same problem, one day, wordpress admin pages were slow and did not load. I logged into my Linksys router, upgraded the firmware and now my WP admin pages load just fine. I also resolved the issue of Google Maps not loading for me too!!!

  7. Beertycoon
    6 years ago

    Wow, this was a great help. I just upgraded the firmware of my router and wp is acting all normal again. Thanks a lot 😀

  8. Matt
    5 years ago

    Great post on this topic. This reminded me to check out my plugins and I found the main culprit was Web Ninja Google Analytics. Deactivating this one plugin sped up my admin 5x.

  9. 42
    5 years ago

    I run many wpress installations on one server, dedicated and my own – non of them is slow, wheather bakcend nor frontend – but this only one … trying for hours to resetup with alway the same results.

  10. Azam
    5 years ago

    my blog very slow when editing a post, but it fast for other action, i don’t know how to resolve this, but i think one of your way should to try.

  11. Joshua
    5 years ago

    I found that old entries in our /etc/hosts file redirected traffic back out to our external IP address. By removing them it fixed the slow wp-admin.

  12. Dave
    4 years ago

    I recently had a WordPress problem where my Admin pages would take over one minute to load or any option within the WP Admin panel the same, yet the WP site pages themselves were loading fast. This was on a new Ubuntu Server (11.04) build.

    I tried just about everything I read to no avail.

    I also had a Postfix problem trying to relay email ot another server so I started working on that issue and put the WP issue aside.

    To correct my Postfix issue, I discovered I had some bogus entries in my /etc/resolve.conf file. I removed them and made sure my DNS server entries were correctly listed as the first entry. Once I restarted those services, both my Postfix email relay issue was solved, but so was my slow WP Admin pages issue resolved. Worth looking into.

  13. Matt Williams
    4 years ago

    My WordPress admin was grinding to a halt – fixed it using the WP-DBManager plugin.