Google Certificate Expired: Everyone Makes Mistakes

Oops… I was logging into Google Adwords this morning and got an “Expired Server Certificate” warning, which means Google didn’t pay the small fee to renew their certificate.

Google Server Certificate Expired

I believe this affects merchants who are using Google’s shopping cart to process orders (which could cause them sales, because some people get nervous when they see a warning like that, they don’t know what it means.)

I have to admit, seeing things like this cheers me up a little, because running a business online sometimes feels like nothing but endless details like this that you need to stay on top of.

It’s good to know that even Google drops the ball occasionally. :-)

Of course, my favorite one of these was when Microsoft let the domain name EXPIRE, and millions of people couldn’t check their email… Until one frustrated user paid the $35 registration fee for them, because he was frustrated he couldn’t check is email.

Everybody makes mistakes, don’t beat yourself up about it. :-)

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  1. techiedavid
    7 years ago

    Seems like they did it again. Getting that error today November 27, 2009

  2. Guillo
    6 years ago

    How can recover the certificate any time I open google or aol. is this warning about the certificate.

  3. Roshan
    5 years ago

    When I open google then alway a notification are apear on my screen that server certificate expired

  4. Roshan
    5 years ago

    can’t open my gmail account always show server certificate expired